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We cover a range of capabilities as diverse as these…

Brand Management

Your brand is the engine that drives relatability, relevancy, and bottom-line sales. We work with clients to hone the magic in their brand, message, and position their story and integrate that into everything they do.

Sports + Talent Management

Our expertise, relationships, connections, access, and deep understanding of the business, sports and entertainment sectors allows us to represent talent with the highest level of integrity, sophistication and negotiation.

Operations Management

We assist our clients in driving business efficiency and performance by managing parts of their organization’s operations. We offer customized services in the areas of team development and management, business development, and sales management.

Marketing Management

We use a scale-focused strategy to offer our clients an integrated marketing approach across traditional, digital, e-commerce, and social channels. We manage their messaging, creative direction, content, budgeting, media buying, and evaluation.

Project Management

We partner with our clients and work with them in every aspect of project management from strategy, to creative direction, talent outsourcing, budgeting, time management, and execution.

Public Relations + Crisis Management

We customize public relations strategies to fit a client’s goals, needs, initiatives, and personal brands. Our team has relationships with key members of the press that allows us to fulfill booking needs for clients and manage their media relations.

The Management and Marketing Experience of Business and Brand

We specialize in bridging the gap between businesses, brands and talent with their consumers, audiences and fans in ways that are relative, lucrative and socially responsible.

Management that empowers you...

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From Idea to Implementation

The Team that Delivers Results

The Digital Statement

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Dream Big and Let Us Execute

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

Strategic Process

At C & D | The Agency, we unapologetically strive to be disruptive in every aspect. From the day our clients are on-boarded, we challenge ourselves to oversee the client’s strategic direction with authentic, culturally relevant and colorful storytelling with seamless execution, one project at a time.

Points to Ponder

  • Get To The Heart of Your Brand
  • Embrace Memorable Storytelling
  • Know Your Audience + What Matters To Them
  • Produce Narrative – Driven Content
  • Authentically Communicate Your Messages Across Multiple Platforms + Touch Points

Emergence of New Ideas

Marketing begins with the brand. We help our clients to create relative and relatable stories. We work with them to identify the most talented narrators to curate those stories and identify the best platforms and outlets to magnify those messages. From creative storytelling to content development, custom events, and curated experiences to media planning and buying, we partner with our clients to tell their own brand story and align the narrative through their communication initiatives.

Adopting to Change

Today, we’re blessed with a multitude of strong traditional and social news outlets, which creates more opportunities for brand and talent recognition. C & D | The Agency is able to plug our clients into new stories and features that help them strengthen their position as go-to experts in their areas of specialties.

Creative Effects

  • It Begins With Your Story
  • Educate Others Around What You Do + Whom You Do It For
  • Share Your Expertise + Perspective
  • Join + Encourage Meaningful Conversations

A New Style of Management.

“Our mission is to empower, mentor, and lead businesswomen to collaborate our best skills with the common goal of excellence for our clients.”

– Courtney & Dina

Meet Our Team

Diverse Women Leaders

Courtney Rhodes

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing and Media Relations

Dina Marto

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Kyion Williams

Director of Business & Finance

Adrianne Brown

Operations Coordinator

Gabrielle Strickland

Marketing & Media Relations Coordinator

Lashé Boudreaux

Content Creator

Why C&D | The Agency ?

Helping Brands be Inclusive with their Mission
Identify and activate new consumers and audiences
Champion as many unique experiences and relevancy as possible
Brainstorm, ideate and activate across industries

We are an all women-led management agency specializing in Business & Entertainment while dedicated to empowering minority women.

We embody power, positivity, integrity, strength and unity.

Our Specialized Range of Services

In our commitment to take multicultural marketing mainstream, we help talent, innovators and brands embrace marketing and business-building using a diverse consumer base to move beyond one-dimensional views of story-telling. We help our clients build brands, businesses and campaigns rooted in beliefs, experiences and aspirations of the people they want to connect with. We offer high-level management, online and offline marketing and media relations services.

-Courtney Rhodes & Dina Marto-

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The Team that delivers

Blending youth with experience

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Whispers from our Clients

Our network is our net worth
Courtney is blessed with a beautifully strategic brain. She has an uncanny way of breaking down complicated issues and proposing effective solutions. I value her depth of understanding in digital, e-commerce, and branding. Courtney is a wealth of marketing knowledge and insight, and best of all, her charismatic personality is infectious.
Steven R. EwingPresident & CEO Wade Ford
Dina Marto is a consummate professional and a pillar of Atlanta’s music scene. I have made it a point to include Dina on most major decisions personally and professionally, that has proven to be a winning formula for me over the years. Dina’s ability to identify the diamonds in the rough make her invaluable not only to me, but to the entire music ecosystem.
Tricky StewartAward-Winning Music Producer