Our Team

Together We Achieve More

Co-Founder & Director

Courtney Rhodes,
Co-Founder & Director of Marketing
& Media Relations


Co-Founder & Director

Dina Marto,
Co-Founder & Director of Operations


Our Team

Kyion Williams

Director of Business & Finance

Noelle Motley

Public Relations Manager

Adrianne Brown

Operations Coordinator

Bella Lane

Creative Director

Gabrielle Strickland

Marketing & Media Relations Coordinator

Sandy Madanat

Project Manager

Lashé Boudreaux

Content Creator

Our Clients

Driving multicultural marketing mainstream by connecting brands to the community, culture, and talent.

We’re helping talent and brands that embrace a diverse consumer base move beyond one-dimensional views. We work with them to incorporate broader contexts to connect with their audience and consumers in meaningful and relevant ways.