Why C&D The Agency ?

We are driving multicultural marketing mainstream by connecting brands to the community, culture, and talent. We’re helping talent and brands that embrace a diverse consumer base move beyond one-dimensional views. We work with them to incorporate broader contexts to connect with their audience and consumers in meaningful and relevant ways.


At C&D | The Agency, our Co-Founders joined forces to disrupt marketing and brand building as it relates to marrying cultural icons and business innovators with their consumers, audiences, and blue-chip marketers.


We commit to identifying and activating a new pool of consumers by connecting businesses, brands, and talent to the shared beliefs, experiences, and values of the people they want to reach.


Our team champions bringing together unique experiences and cultural relevance to solve our clients biggest challenges. We help them build and sustain socially responsible, authentic, and impactful connections with the consumers and audiences driving their success.


In every project we undertake, we proudly bring our expert fluency across the many facets of multicultural experiences, online and offline marketing, music, sports, and entertainment to craft and communicate our clients’ messages to everyone from the streets to the boardroom.

We are an all women-led management agency specializing in Business & Entertainment while dedicated to empowering minority women.

We embody power, positivity, integrity, strength and unity.

Our Clients

Meet Our Team of Diverse Women Leaders

Courtney Rhodes

Co-Founder & Director of Marketing and Media Relations

Dina Marto

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Kyion Williams

Director of Business & Finance

Jenan Said

Social Media Manager

Gabrielle Strickland

Marketing & Media Relations Coordinator

Lashé Boudreaux

Content Creator

D’Ariel Myrick

Project & Administrative Assistant


We are hiring the best and the brightest.


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