Raina Fahmi

Social Media Manager

Raina’s passion and determination started with her upbringing where she was born and raised in Egypt, Africa and grew up watching her grandmother’s success as a well respected and sought after independent fashion designer. After graduating high school, she then moved to Canada where she attended Carleton University and graduated with a degree in Business and a minor in Accounting. She then went on to working 7 years in retail and business management until she made her move to Atlanta in 14’ where she decided to combine her passion for cooking and entrepreneurship, gained her Nutrition Coach certification and started a meal prep and healthy snacks business. Due to her passion for business development & creative marketing; she found herself pouring more into helping others grow their brands. Managing all aspects from social media marketing to branding and product development, Raina’s business and fashion background has also equipped her with the ability to style as well as creatively direct photo shoots.