Behind-The-Scenes of C & D

Behind-The-Scenes of C & D | The Agency’s Initiatives

17 months after our Co-founders entertainment and marketing professionals Dina Marto and Courtney Rhodes joined forces to launch our women-led management firm that offers a mix of marketing, public relations and operations management services to business and entertainment professionals the business is committed to its mission.

The agency launched with #ExerciseYourRIghts, a voter education initiative aimed at combating voter suppression in Georgia during the 2020 election. The campaign’s mission centered around educating and encouraging registered voters to know their legal rights and to support efforts to create a safe and accessible election.

The Agency’s second initiative, #WomenWhoMentor kicks off today, in honor of Women’s History Month. The ladies at C&D | The Agency is honoring Dr. Nashlie Sephus and the innovative work that she’s doing at The Bean Path and Kitt Labs.

We absolutely love and admire her career path, the influence the women mentors she’s had have had along her journey and her passion and commitment to make tech available in communities of color.

The campaign is centered around women who mentor others and highlights their commitment to being an integral part of their mentees success.

For more information on C&D | The Agency or the #WomenWhoMentor campaign, follow us on Instagram @canddtheagency. For more information on Dr. Nashlie H. Sephus visit or follow Dr. Nashlie on Instagram @phenomenashlie @thebeanpath & @KITTLabs

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