Team Spotlight: Courtney, Co-Founder of C&D The Agency & Director of Marketing & Media Relations

Our In-House Brand Guru


When a business is created by more than one person, it’s important that their skill sets and management styles compliment each other. C&D The Agency has a bonafide “brandista” with Courtney as Co-Founder and Director of Marketing & Media Relations. She is the other part of C&D’s fierce and fabulous leadership team. 


Courtney has lived many lives in the corporate and entrepreneurial settings. But for C&D, she works on the leadership team to provide top notch brand and public/media relations with crisis management as needed services to clients like Black Lives Matter Grassroots. Based on the client’s branding needs, Courtney and members of the team craft press releases and other assets, attend regular meetings, and develop brand strategy to tell the best, authentic narrative for our clients. She balances the heavy workload with her other entrepreneurial endeavors in the fashion industry with her clothing and jewelry brands. 


For other women wondering how to be successful, Courtney’s advice is to “Be authentic, find your leadership voice, and understand the team and culture you want to cultivate. You need unwavering self belief to make things happen and make money, so remember your why and keep going!” Being an entrepreneur takes determination, innovation, and a figure it out spirit to stay the course and make an impact. It’s one of the most fulfilling things for those who want to build and create something of their own. As long as the fulfillment and joy outweigh the challenges, it’ll always be worth it in the end. 


Courtney gets the job done and brings a fun, light spirit to the team. She makes everyone she meets feel welcomed and capable. She believes that every woman on the team can and will do everything they set out to accomplish, which is why it’s inspiring to be a part of such a compassionate, hard-working team. The ladies of C&D admire and appreciate Courtney for being authentic and helping them see their fullest potential. 

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