Team Spotlight: D’Ariel, Project & Administrative Assistant 

Keeping The Train on Track


There are leaders and supporters in the world, and every company needs a blend of both. Some are natural born helpers who enjoy learning systems and finding ways to keep everything running smoothly. C&D The Agency’s Project & Administrative Assistant, D’Ariel (“Dee”), helps keep the train on track each day for the team. 


Dee’s typical C&D day begins with a check in with the leadership team. She brings everyone up to speed on reminders, upcoming meetings, and confirms client deliverables as needed. Depending on the day, she may be doing more administrative work or acting as “boots on the ground,” supporting an event for the team or a client. Regardless of the task, she plays a vital role in getting the job done by adapting and problem-solving every day. 


Dee chose this role to be a strong support for the agency. So, for anyone thinking of getting into this line of work, her advice is, “Mindset is everything. Every day won’t be perfect, but work at honing your organizational skills, attention to detail, and consistency. Do it because you like to help and see things run successfully. Know that because you’re involved with everything that goes on with the company, you are constantly learning. So, just keep going and growing!”


Dee came from a completely different background as a High School English Teacher, but she joined the team and quickly adapted to the new environment. C&D appreciates her positive attitude, get it done spirit, and willingness to jump in wherever needed. She is proud to be a part of an all-women agency. It motivates her to keep going and improving as C&D The Agency evolves.

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