Team Spotlight: Dina, Co-Founder of C&D The Agency & Director of Operations

The Lady Conducting the Show


A company is as strong as its leadership, and C&D has no shortage of powerful, inspiring, and talented bosses. Dina has played an integral role in building an all-women led agency that encourages everyone on the team to step into their divine feminine power to become lady bosses themselves. She came together with friend and now co-founder, Courtney, to build a lasting legacy in C&D to create opportunities they did not have during their blooming careers. Now, Dina is Co-Founder and Director of Operations for C&D The Agency, a company that reaches out to support minority women who are just getting started in their careers and help grow brands and provide Public Relations services for a diverse group of clients like Juneteenth NY Festival & Summit.


Dina has been in leadership and entrepreneurial positions her entire life. She has been in the music industry in several capacities and helped build legacies for others along the way. Her day-to-day experience with C&D looks different based on what the client needs and their vision to successfully brand and market themselves in the short and long-term of their contract. Typically, after taking some time for herself in the morning, she begins her work day by contacting members of her team to see what’s top priority. Once everyone is clear on what’s needed for the day, she manages the projects and oversees ongoing tasks. Then, there are a few meetings and calls throughout the day with clients, the team, or partners involved in helping get the projects done all while Dina is on the move thinking three steps ahead for the agency and clients to grow and be successful. The show never stops, but she finds a way to balance high-profile clients, manage a dynamic team, and maintain personal health and wellness. 


For anyone wondering how a woman builds an empire on her own path, Dina’s advice is to “Be your authentic self and follow your intuition. Go through the doors that easily open up for you, and trust that what you’re good at is likely what you are meant to do.” In Dina’s case, she always had an entrepreneurial spirit and skill for spotting talent and building with them. She is a creator herself, so she leans into her strengths and empowers others to do the same. This is how she’s built a diverse, successful team with Co-Founder, Courtney, at C&D The Agency, and it all began with her decision to follow her passion and fill a need. During her career, she didn’t have any female mentors who could support her as she figured out how to get a seat at the table (and now create the table herself), so she has made it a personal mission to mentor the next generation of women leaders. 


While being an entrepreneur has its ups and downs, Dina believes it is one of the most fulfilling things to be your own boss if that’s the path you want for yourself. It is a lifestyle that she has worked at and earned respect from everyone she meets. She inspires the ladies of C&D with her focus, tenacity, and passion for helping women succeed. She has been around the greats and knows what it takes to make it in various industries, and she uses that knowledge to help others while being the boss she always wanted to see. C&D The Agency is as great as the leaders we have, and Dina is one part of an amazing, strong, and joyful leadership team.

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