Client Spotlight: Dr. Melina Abdullah

Client Spotlight: Dr. Melina Abdullah

Professor, Organizer, Mama, & Leader of Black Lives Matter Grassroots 


Dr. Melina Abdullah has worked on the frontlines for decades in the fight for Black justice. She was a part of the historic victory that made Ethnic Studies a requirement in the Los Angeles Unified School District and among the original group of organizers that convened to form Black Lives Matter and continues to serve as the Los Angeles chapter lead and contributes to the national leadership of Black Lives Matter Grassroots. 


Dr. Abdullah co-hosts and co-produces the radio program, Beautiful Struggle, and serves on several boards that align with her passions for liberation of oppressed people including Black Community, Clergy and Labor Alliance (BCCLA), Los Angeles African American Women’s Public Policy Institute, and Los Angeles Community Action Network (LA-CAN). Dr. Abdullah has been publicly recognized with numerous awards over the years for her leadership in the fight for racial justice. 


Dr. Abdullah was featured in LA Magazine’s 60th anniversary issue in April 2022 (linked here) as “The Activist” Player. The feature speaks about her first protest as a child and belief that the movement is powered by fired up students. She continues to embrace without apology defunding the police and was quoted to say, “Black studies saved my life.” Her feature highlights the lifelong commitment she’s put forth to fight for social justice.


In the last few months, she has been a pivotal leader for Black Lives Matter Grassroots as the organization demands the resignation of Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin De León. Along with continued LA-based community service and social justice efforts, Dr. Abdullah helped end Qualified Immunity in the Andrew Joseph III trial in Florida and is fighting for police to make evidence public and action be taken against police involved in the wrongful murder of 15-year-old Mississippian, Jaheim McMillan, as well as justice for Ronald Greene of Louisiana who was murdered by state troopers 4 years ago though the work does not stop with these 3 names.


Dr. Abdullah travels constantly to ensure families’ voices are heard and justice is served to those who have failed or grossly abused their duties in law enforcement. Social justice is in her blood and bones, and she will continue to fight for the world to see and protect Black lives. 


See the efforts of Dr. Abdullah and the Black Lives Matter Grassroots as the boots on the ground doing the work necessary for racial equity and justice on the following platforms:


Dr. Abdullah Website here

Dr. Abdullah IG here

BLMGR Website here



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