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Dream Joy Founders


After building C&D The Agency for three successful years, the executive team came together and thought, “How can we make an even bigger impact and live more joy-filled lives?” 

The agency’s mission was to empower, mentor and increase opportunities for minority women. The team accomplished just that! Now, it’s time to take mentorship to the next level by reaching more women and empowering them to step into their full potential, where they have a better work-life balance and prioritize themselves as much as they give to others.


Dream Joy

Dream Joy was founded in early 2023, led by Co-Founders Courtney Rhodes, Dina Marto, and Kyion Isaac. These three leaders within C&D The Agency came together to develop a truly necessary platform. From the ladies themselves, Dream Joy came about when “one day, we woke up tired, overwhelmed, and not able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. So we decided to make a change. We wanted to live balanced, fulfilled, and joy-driven…[thus] Dream Joy was born.” 


Dream Joy was created to bring joy to the center of busy people’s lives and build a global ecosystem of people who support, empower and hold each other accountable to share resources, make meaningful connections, and build a community to enhance their overall well-being. 

The Dream Joy Community

While all are welcome to join the Dream Joy community, the focus is on women because we naturally give so much to our families, jobs, and everyone we touch daily. The priority of Dream Joy is to empower women to put themselves first through self-care, accountability partnerships, and opportunities to build a rich environment that brings them joy. With C&D’s mission in mind, this initiative will reach more women on a larger stage and create a greater impact through Dream Joy Connections, including fireside chats, mixers, panels, courses and conferences. 


For the inaugural year, Dream Joy will induct 300 founding members who will support the mission, realize their vision within the community and guide our growth together. Dream Joy will serve as a liaison to connect members to collaborate, build authentic relationships (personal and professional), and drive commerce through resources and business opportunities. We want Dream Joy to be to women what golf is to men!


Please visit the website here for more information about the Dream Joy community and initiatives.


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