Entrepreneurship Advice From the Leaders of C & D The Agency



According to “65 Stats to Know About Entrepreneurship in 2022” by Lestraundra Alfred, “Nearly 5.4 million new businesses were registered in 2021. That’s a 23% increase YOY.” Job restructuring, the government shutdown, and newfound interest in pursuing passions are among the factors that caused a “boom” in people pursuing entrepreneurs, and it’s not slowing down as we continue moving forward from the changes caused by the 2020 pandemic. Whether you were running your business pre-pandemic or just getting started, you’ve decided you want to be the boss of your business, but you want some tips on how to succeed. The founders of C & D The Agency provided some gems based on their experiences as women paving their way. 


First, be authentic. It’s your business, vision, and journey, so you must first decide who you are and what your business stands for. Authenticity is what appeals to clientele and investors. It’s how you grow your voice as an entrepreneur. It’ll show in everything you do if you have a real passion for the work. You’ll be the one working the hardest. According to the same article, “31% of entrepreneurs in the U.S. start a business because they want to pursue a passion,” which shows who has the passion and discipline to persevere through the entrepreneurship roller coaster. 


When asked about the journey, Dina Marto said, “as an entrepreneur, everything lies on your shoulders and is your responsibility, so even if nobody shows up, you still have to get the job done.” Being an entrepreneur isn’t as glamorous as some may think, but it’s more fulfilling at the end of the day. Your business is like your child; in the same way, you raise children, you instill values and pour everything into it. It can be tedious and challenging at times, but when you look back at the end of the day and know you did your best with authenticity, you will keep going. 


Second, it’s important to know your why and stay grounded in the work. It’s about impact, not the glitz and glamor of the title that’s important. In Courtney’s experience, the workload right now is the most intense since co-founding the agency. It’s late nights and early mornings, but the impact and difference this work is making are worth the challenges. Perseverance comes from within. You must have self-motivation, and staying focused when it seems impossible or you’re exhausted is the key.


Lastly, building and communicating with your team. “54% of entrepreneurs cite communication as the most important skill to have, followed by problem-solving (53%) and time management (48%).” You need support, not just from employees you hire but the accountability partners, mentors, family, and think partners you have in your life. Find people who will be there for the celebrations and the obstacles. When it’s midnight, and you still have to get work done, it’s on you to push yourself, but it helps to know you have people rooting for you to win. We’ve all heard the saying, ”there is no ’I‘ in ‘team,’” and it takes a team to build your successful vision. C & D The Agency is an example of a phenomenal team. We support each other and lean on each other’s strengths to continue building a successful business. This team is so impactful due to the leadership that sets an example of what dedication, authenticity, self-motivation, and support look like daily. 


Entrepreneurship isn’t easy or glamorous, but it’s well worth it if you are authentic, have the right intentions, and surround yourself with genuine support. If you’ve ever had a dream, go for it strategically, and mindfully. And watch as you make an impact in the world and build a legacy of your own.

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