Team Spotlight: Gabby, Marketing & Media Relations Coordinator

The Smile Behind Media Relations


Sometimes, we see others, even on our own team, and wonder what she does and how she makes it look so effortless. This series of blogs will take a peek at what the ladies of C&D do, their insight from experience, and give them flowers now instead of later because knowledge is power and we love to spread joy. 


Gabrielle, C&D’s Marketing & Media Relations Coordinator, supports the marketing and public relation efforts for the agency. 


Every day, like so many others, Gabby starts by checking her emails and text messages for updates on current and upcoming projects. Gabby works directly and most often with Courtney, Co-Founder of C&D, and our Public Relations Manager. She ensures that projects are done on time and all hands on deck for projects that require more attention and expertises than just one or two on our team. 


On other days, Gabby supports Courtney’s jewelry line, Courtney Raquel, to ensure the brand has a consistent and seamless look and verbiage. 


No matter what each day looks like, Gabby is lending a helping hand or double checking that tasks are organized and on track from the PR/Marketing side of our services. 


Beyond the great work she does for the agency, Gabby is an inspiration to her colleagues and those who are looking into the marketing/media relations career path. She puts in the work and time to strengthen skills that are used daily such as time management, written communication, and people management to name a few. It’s not just about what you do but how you do it, and she does it with a graceful smile and joyful disposition. 


When asked what advice would you give someone looking into this profession, Gabby said, “Be your biggest cheerleader, always believe in yourself, and know that you can do anything you want. Everything in life is achievable!” 


It’s that bubbly optimism that shines through as she works with the team to make it happen for our clients. For Gabby, the best part has been learning to improve professionally, raising her confidence, and being around such influential women. 


She’s been inspired in her journey working with C&D since it was founded, and now, she is an inspiration to ladies on her team and others watching as she grows professionally and personally into a boss in her own right. Thanks for being one of the very first people on the C&D team and making an impact as a woman in business, Gabby!

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