Team Spotlight: Jenan, Social Media Manager

Creative Connection for Social Branding


In 2023, social media influences all aspects of our lives. It can make or break a business, personal brand or concept, which makes some brands only as strong as their social media accounts. Here at C&D The Agency, we’re lucky to have a creative, consistent, outside-of-the-box thinker in our Social Media Manager, Jenan.


Jenan creates our brand’s story via social media and strategies to continue growing our following on all social platforms. She works closely with the ladies of C&D to tell individual and team stories as we work together to build the agency’s portfolio. Jenan does an amazing job capturing client events and internal team building exercises to display the full spectrum of what it’s like being a part of the agency. 


Being creative can be difficult at times because there’s a constant need for content. But Jenan powers through and continues showing how C&D empowers women in and outside of the team. She believes that no idea is too crazy and silly, and a key to being a social media manager is to be fearless. Once you have the page’s vision in mind, be consistent but don’t be afraid to try out trends that pop up on a daily basis. Social media is constantly changing, so you have to adapt according to the ebbs and flows of the platform. Also, as a storyteller, embrace every medium. We have pictures, videos, reels, stories, graphics, and more, so experiment with everything and find what works best for you and the client to tell that story!


Jenan is one of the youngest on the team, and her fresh perspectives help keep the accounts exciting and vibrant as C&D continues telling the stories of our experiences. 


The best part about working with C&D according to Jenan is how extremely compassionate women naturally are and how we put our heart into everything we do. It’s an inspiration for her to work with passionate women and vice versa as her team watches her grow into a confident, social media aficionado. 


Thank you for being authentic and forward-thinking when it comes to how C&D is portrayed via social media. You are an amazing, creative, supportive team member for C&D and any future endeavors you conquer, Jenan!


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