Team Spotlight: Kyion, Director of Business & Finance

The & in C&D The Agency


We know that someone has to do it, but have you really thought about what it takes to keep a business running? Yes, there are multiple jobs, and everyone is an integral part to keep the machine running smoothly. But the one who accounts for the dollars and cents is someone we often don’t thank quite enough for the amount of stress and organization it takes to make sure everyone gets paid and the company is financially successful. Now is the moment to appreciate our very own Kyion Isaac, C&D’s Director of Business & Finance.


Kyion wears many hats for many people, including wife, mom, friend, and Director of Business & Finance. With that in mind, no two days are ever the same. C&D allows her to apply all the skills she’s acquired over her dynamic 20 year journey. It’s not just signing the checks and ensuring the budget is up-to-date. Business and finance encompasses everything involving numbers and legality. For example, Kyion handles partnership deals and developing concepts for internal and client use with a sensible, professional approach.


Every day is different, but the goal remains the same – ensure the agency’s flow and founders’ vision is successful. She manages the team’s morale, organization, and responsibilities on a large scale, so the business works well and client objectives/contractual agreements are met. The most uncomfortable discussions are eased with her calm, down-to-earth, funny attitude, and it makes her the glue that keeps everything together here at C&D The Agency. 


When asked what advice would you give someone looking into the business or financial profession, Kyion said, “Be open to learn everything you can, and always say yes to everything!” She’s gotten this far in part by her willingness to take on any challenge that presents itself, which adds value to every team. Most importantly, “Find the joy in learning.” Kyion is big on bringing joy to everything you do, and she approaches life the same way she does business, with a graceful smile, common sense attitude and strong sense of inner drive to do the best she can in every situation. 


Kyion pulls inspiration from her sons, friends, and the women of C&D. She enjoys working with the next generation of business leaders and appreciates that she’s lending knowledge to her successors. She loves empowering women, especially Black women, with the wisdom she’s gathered over the years, and we are forever grateful that she is so willing to help and allow us to grow and ask as many questions as we need. We couldn’t do it without you, Kyion, and you are an inspiration to all women for your openness, comforting nature, and self-motivation!

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