Michele Harrington & Foria | Client Success Stories

Foria changes lives in the bedroom with plant-based CBD formulas designed for sexual healing. Foria is a health and sexual wellness company offering a comprehensive collection of 100 percent plant-based products. Foria reached out to C&D the Agency to help support and grow their Multicultural efforts. Foria is a growing brand but our community has yet to tap into the product so C&D jumped on board to help with those efforts. We built a Brand Ambassador program to raise awareness in the Multicultural community. To date, we have successfully reached out to popular micro & macro influencers to have them participate in the various marketing campaigns. Also, we have helped position Michele Harrington, Head of Strategic Partnerships for Foria, as a dynamic Mom, Wife, and CBD guru building a family empire.

C&D created the campaign #OurLoveIsBlackHistory for Foria in honor of Black History Month. We featured 3 different couples on Foria’s blog and social media.

Forbes Article for Michele

Ebony Article for Michele

As a businesswoman with over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, Michele Harrington is breaking barriers and prioritizing female health in a field lacking in diversity and minority ownership. As a self-proclaimed ‘CBD Connoisseur’, Harrington is dedicated to using her platform to educate women about the powerful sexual wellness benefits of cannabis and CBD.– Jenn Barthole

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