October C&D Spotlight: We Did That!

On October 18th in Milton, GA, C&D partnered with PGD Global, Morgan Stanley, and Patrón for the Calvin Peete Golf Classic. We hosted Cocktails for an exclusive women’s clubhouse experience. 

Staying true to C&D’s mission, it was a privilege and pleasure to collaborate with confident, successful business women including Krystal Garner (Patrón Brand Ambassador), Shana Booker (Morgan Stanley), Nisha Sadekar, and Seema Sadekar (PGD Global). Our co-founder, Dina Marto, co-hosted the reception that discussed financial planning along with specialty Patrón cocktails. The fun, fellowship, and genuine camaraderie energy filled the room. The information was invaluable as we learned who Calvin Peete was, the legacy brought before us, and the possibilities for women on and off the green. We discussed being a woman in business, financial empowerment, and the benefits of learning golf. We’ve always known it – women run the world.

The C&D co-sponsored event was a great reminder of how well we run our lives and the possibilities when we come together. Women made this event happen, and it went extremely well. Biz Stone said, “When you hand good people possibility, they do great things,” and C&D loves coming together for a great cause. 


Check out the video with event highlights here



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