Reclaiming Your Time: Working Smarter, Not Harder


Let’s face it – summertime is about finding the fastest way to get into the sun for fun. The goal is to be as efficient as possible for work without spending endless hours doing tedious tasks. So, for those who work in the world of people, here’s a brief insight into securing TikTok and Instagram influencers for your client’s campaign. We’re going to look at working smarter, not harder.

First, aside from it being in your job description, why is it even important to work with influencers? Relevant peer-to-peer (P2P) content drives engagement with a client’s campaign because it reaches audiences where they are most – social media. 

Advertising and marketing, like everything else, continue to evolve with time. Remember when network television was the biggest media movement until the great advancement of technology introduced the Internet. 

In 2022, lean into social media if you want to influence the masses and sell products, services, or ideas. But to “game the system,” the best campaigns thrive from using influencers’ names, whether they pay the influencer to post directly on their page or to license their name and attach it to the product/idea the campaign focuses on. 

Social media is a win-win for all involved because you expose the influencer’s brand and social media prowess for a fee and boost the eyes and persuasion to buy into your client’s campaign. Influencer marketing allows you to align your brand and its message with the influencer’s brand, which already has influence over your market. A win-win for both you and the influencer.

Research, research, and even more research before reaching out to potential influencers is the main key to a successful campaign. The influencer’s demographics and lifestyle must be an ideal fit with who you’re targeting. Become familiar with the content the influencer creates and shares. Are your campaign goals aligned with the natural content and tone of what they’re already talking about? Does the influencer feel like a natural fit for the campaign goal and expectations?

Once you research to see if the fit is what you need, ensure you know the campaign’s best outcome. Speak to your client and ensure they understand at least the basics of influencer marketing and how the campaign results will be measured. To ensure an effective campaign, ensure that you, the client, and the influencer clearly understand the expectations. Go into the campaign understanding what your client is looking to accomplish and what the influencer is committed to delivering. With everyone on the same page, you’ll have the confidence to effectively communicate- the final step.

Influencers can sometimes be hard to track down. They receive tons of DMs and messages from audiences and potential employers alike. Allow yourself ample time to research the best influencers for the campaign. Be clear, concise, and present your client’s campaign in its best, most authentic light, then pray to the social media gods and goddesses that it’s a fit for the influencer, too. 

There are nuisances to every deal, but even if an influencer isn’t able to work on your client’s current campaign, create a spreadsheet with the influencer’s info (social handle, number of followers, even keywords associated with them) so next time, you have a database to reach into. Again, work smarter, not harder. Build relationships, stay organized, be true to the client’s vision, and be honest with the influencer about reciprocity. 

In the end, what’ll be will be, and you want to be sure you did everything possible to get the best outcome for your client, which includes a great social media presence and collaborations. Enjoy fun in the sun and get those influencers locked in – good luck!

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